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All you crash queens and motor babies!!!


I did this crazy dance-victory lap hybrid around my room when I finished watching this. Couldn't help smiling as I went to work.

What a great thing to wake up to! :D

Gerard's squishy face!!! And bonus wiggling ass in tight jeans!
Jeez holy motherfucking wow Frank's hot!!!
Ray! And little girl Ray! and rayguns!!!
And blond Mikey being all quiet but will kill you with his gadget glove!!!!

Jesus, you guys are geniuses to think all of this up.
Can't fucking wait for your album.
(I can just imagine all the fic that's going to come out of this.)

I just wish Bob was there for all the crazy too :(

Dammit to hell and back, but I loved MyChem when Bob was there. It just seemed that he brought a lot of luck to the band. I don't want Bob's wrists/drumming to be the reason for him leaving the band. But then, I wouldn't want the reason to be disagreements between Bob and the rest of MyChem, either.

Good God, please save what's left of my bands :(
And on that note, I hope Gerard voice is back to normal, or as normal as can be with what I'm guessing is a singer's nodule.

Can Frank/whoever is acting as spokesperson right now be a lot clearer with the reasons and not just spout evasive half-truths?


Right now there's a lot of shock and dismay going around bandom.
It actually forced me out of hibernation.

Panic At The Disco, the way  we know it to be, is no more.
Ryan and Jon have left, presumably to pursue Hillside Sessions.
Brendon and Spencer will continue as Panic At the Disco.

Now honestly, I  fell into Panic because of the Decaydance connection.
I liked the wit and sarcasm of "I Write Sins..." and Lying..."
Slowly I got to know them, post Brent, and was glad when they rose above that with Jon.
I was glad that they seemed happier with the music they were making and that everyone was friends with each other.

But then came little clues:
Brendon and Spencer were the only ones hanging out.
Ryan and Jon were the only ones hanging out.

I don't believe for a second that this is as amicable as it seems.
I don't know what happened that made Ryan and Spencer, two seemingly lifelong friends, go separate ways.
Is it really just musical direction involved?
Why is Pete inviting/encouraging just Brendon and Spencer-fueled Panic? Why not Jon and Ryan?

What will happen now that the primary lyricist is in one band, and the musical genius is in another?
I know Jon can play bass, guitar, and drums, and that Ryan can write.
Hillside Sessions has Eric Ronick going for them. From what I've heard from their myspace, Eric has a pretty voice that helps their classic rock sound.
Brendon can play almost anything, and Spencer is great on drums, but what about the lyrics? Unless they have a hidden talent for words that i don't know about, I just don't see them wowing me with the lyrics.
What do both bands have to offer? Why does the power balance feel a little lopsided? :(

I've been meaning to write about change in my rl LJ. I just didnt think I'd have to use PATD as an example so soon.
I really thought they had a few albums left in them before they went their separate ways, preferably with the best case scenario:
another hit album, Ryan doing indie stuff, Brendon going solo, Jon and Spencer either playing for another band or settling down with Cassie and Haley. But this is not bandom, this is Real Life, and Real Life sucks most of the time.

Bands break up; new ones form, even better than the last ones, sometimes. So who am I to say this isn't for the best?
Maybe I'm just grieving for an era, but it's really time to stop hanging on & start moving on?
If this is what I felt with Panic breaking up, what would I feel like if Fall Out Boy or My Chemical Romance ever break up?
This feels really miniscule in comparison.
I shudder at the thought.

Luck on a Bad Day

Concert over. February 13 is done. Will I wait 2 more years to see them again?

I'll probably edit this within the day. I'm just posting what I acutely remember from the show.
I danced and sang myself hoarse while letting other people take the pics. They didn't mind and they love me anyway ;)
Good seats!
Check out how near I was to the stage! 
5 or 6 seats from barrier! Woooh! :D

Yes, I know I'm wearing an FOB shirt to an FOB concert and some people find that annoying. All I can say is, I was the only one who had a shirt that came with the FAD preorder. I didnt even see the "Fall Out Boy hasnt been good since..." shirt. All they had were 3 or 4 designs from the merch table. So try not to be too harsh. I don't do things half measure, and that includes fangirling. Hehe :P

A few songs from Hey Monday. (Don't ask me what they were. I  honestly don't know.)

When the curtains went up:

And then.....!!!!!!!

At this point, i don't trust my memory anymore. I was screaming my lungs out and bouncing most of the time.
My boyfriend took over camera duties and I'm pretty sure he doesn't know which are the golden moments he has to look out for.
Fair trade off I guess, since I wanted to enjoy the show.

Setlist! (and again, the order in the middle part is pretty muddled coz I didn't take notes while I was, you  know, rocking out :P)

Thks fr the Mmrs
A Little Less 16 Candles, A Little More Touch Me
American Girl
(ok, memory fails me starting now...)
The Take Over, The Break's Over
Beat It
Sugar, We're Goin Down
I Don't Care
I Slept with Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me
Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet
Grand Theft Autumn
This Ain't A Scene, It's an Arms Race
Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes
Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner
(Mind registers the fact that it might end soon and remembers last few songs)
America's Suitehearts

Dance, Dance

Thoughts and more pics  later, I slept while making this so now I have to go to work.

Here, have a few pics:


Counting down to...

A few days to go before seeing FOB again!!!

The CD in my stereo and the album in my iPod are in constant repeat. I've been trying to piece their possible setlist in my head. I've seen what they did the past few weeks of shows and it looks like a democratic mix of all their albums. I would really love to hear some of their new stuff live though, just to see how they could pull it off. 

While listening to IOH before, I found myself thinking, "Huh. They've really improved on their song layering." Now multiply that thought times 10, and that's what I felt when I listened to FAD. I still can't get myself to listen to the previously iTunes-released songs though. Nothing against them, but I've been listening to those since September  and I really want a break from them. Just a thought: with all the importance attached to Pete turning 27, is the song a reference to that? Hmm...
I think I'm pretty late on this, but then I've never been known to jump on bandwagons before. I find myself liking My Chemical Romance. It's not even because of bandom and not because I'm a comic geek. I like that they're alternately silly and articulate (see mychemicalromance.com). I like that most of them have had their fair share of demons they've battled and have seemingly turned out OK. I like underdogs, and for all their success now, they seem just as scrappy as ever.

Also, they're not bad on the eyes either, hehe. The transformation of Mikey circa2005/Summer of Like (cute/interesting)  to present day Mikey (hot) boggles the mind :P Maybe I have to spend some time with Jan and let her (willingly) convert me to MCR bandom. Any others willing to turn me? 

And my  bet for "Best Things to Read When You Don't Want to Study":  GOOD fic recs!!!!
I swear, this stuff is eating my brain :P



Ok, so possibly, I DO have the best boyfriend in the world :D

He got me the Troix package for Christmas when I was expecting the Deux.
And now I am the proud owner of a bear USB (that I CANNOT GET TO PLAY ON MY LAPTOP!!!) and FOB shirts, one of which I plan to wear in their concert here :)

Speaking of concerts, I asked my bf before if he would be willing to watch an FOB concert with me, right in front.
When I asked that, I didnt know what FOB would play in my city again so soon!!!
So today, I asked him in unabashed glee, "Sweetie, sweetie, you TOLD me you'd watch FOB with me, right?"
He blinked at me in confusion, and he rolled in his eyes when he realized what that meant. He uttered a quiet "Good god" under his breath.
A few hours later, after giving him several outs, I had in my possesion, two floor tickets to FOB in February.

I have the best boyfriend in the world :)

Out-of-the-blue musing #1

I honestly don't understand why some people harp on Keltie Colleen.

I am a big fan of independent, talented women, and she seems to fit into that category.
I'd give a lot to dance like this, honestly.

And if she makes Ryan smile like that, then I'm all for it.
Why infringe on someone else's (healthy) happiness?
See now, I used to have no opinion about Ashlee.
But then she started showing up in concerts and in Honda Civic Tour Videos.
And Pete blogs about here doing jetes near a grand piano and loving the fact that he sleeps beside her.
And then, for the first time in a fucking long time, he's genuinely happy.

And just for that, Ashlee, you get my vote.
That, and the fact that you used to be a really talented ballerina.

Honestly? Leave the often misguided pop star attempts. Why would you want that when you sound so much better doing this?


F Minus Nov 17, 2008

I'm glad that you're part of what makes Pete happy :)

Loves and Lovers

I have the best boyfriend, I think:

When asked if he would go with me to an FOB concert and BE AT THE VERY FRONT, LIKE BARRIER FRONT, with me, he rolled his eyes but said Yes.

He pre-ordered a Folie  A Deux package for me as part of my Christmas present.

He finally, AND NOT GRUDGINGLY! admitted that he liked an FOB song! -->  "What A Catch, Donnie" (Never mind that he had to ask me why they chose that song title).

I just feel lucky, that's all :P


Oh Pete, i hope you have the baby soon. Your posts are beginning to sound a bit robot-like.
Has the E.M.O. robot already put her soul in you?



OK, so it's been 5 months since I last wrote here; doesn't mean i wasn't active in bandom, just not here...
First off,


I've been following that wild goosechase that was CitizensFourOurBetterment and I fucking knew it would end in a new album.
I honestly can't wait! Been trying to figure out who's going to the US by that time so they can get me a copy of the album. I hate it when they come up with special "regional editions" just so most people can afford to buy the cd.

aka I'm in PatrickPeteJoeAndy withdrawal.

(ok, looks like i've been away from LJ from far too long and have too many pent-up bandom-related agressions. sheesh...)

Who else finds it worrisome that Pete wants to drop an album so near his baby's due date?
I got to see Panic last August 14 when they played in my hometown!

Yes, I dragged my reluctant boyfriend along, but he mostly kept his comments about my fangirling to himself. He did, however, reluctantly concede that Pretty.Odd. is much better than their Fever. I totally count that as a small victory! :P

Ok , so my seats weren't the best, but I wasn't willing to compete with all the kids half my age who obviously followed the Pete Wentz School of Style and will totally ruin the moment for my by sticking their cameras/cellphones in the air and record INSTEAD OF FUCKING WATCHING THE SHOW! (Whoops, ranting again, sorry.... :P) They didn't turn on the cameras that would have let the people further away from the stage see their faces. I'm pretty sure the people in the upper boxes and the balconies were so disappointed not to be able to see the boys'  faces. The stage graphics were awesome, though, and could be perfectly seen from the back.

I've been listening to Pretty.Odd in the weeks leading up to the concert, and I do have to agree with my boyfriend here. Pretty. Odd. is miles away, musically, from Fever. I'm not sure why a lot of people are so afraid of change when there's a 50% chance it's going to be good. I love that it's happier now. No less silly (Behind the Sea, anyone?) but happier. It's nice to hear these boys express how good of a place they're in with their music. Yes, I also get that it's a semi-lecture on the total awesomeness of classic rock, but in my case, they're preaching to the choir here. I'm years ahead of these guys in figuring out that the 60s and 70s are a goldmine of music. I'm not sure if other people want or get the need for Panic to change, but I really hope that they still like the boys after that.

Personal favorites and highlights from the night:

Ryan talking more.
Watching the vids from youtube totally did not prepare me for the happines of seeing Mr. Ross banter around with the other boys and the audience.

Ryan singing.

I love the fact that he finally,FINALLY, gets to sing for his band. Mustv'e been hard for him to relinquish singing duties to Brendon at first, but now he totes has the opportunity (and experience) to have another go at it. I love this song for the let's-all-sing-along treatment of the chorus at the end. The Jazz hands during the concert were a plus.

Brendon on acoustic guitar.
Just. Urrrrrhgh.

Ryan kisses Brendon during Mad as Rabbits.
Turnabout is fair play, don't you think? (Years after that One Perfect Kiss act, Ryan finally concedes that stage gay works for them.)

Spencer's drumming sexface.
(I wasn't able to  see it clearly, but other people's pics of the concert confirm it.) Spencer Smith, if I ever see you roaming the streets alone, you better be ready to be pounced. Pounced, I tell you, pounced...rawrrrrr.
How awesome?scary? is it to find out that someone in my immediate vicinity at work also reads bandslash???!!!!

She's more into MCR than FOB, but these two bands have a lot in common,including ex-girlfriends/current wives to drug addictions and general scrappiness that we had a lot to talk about.

It was like a playground crush where you throw sand in someone else's face because you like them. In my case, I threw a half-full pack of Marlboro menthols at her when we found out ;)